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Self-paced Video Courses

Your Responsibility

  • No social distancing to worry about apart from your own location
  • Register on the website first.
  • Once registered you can select the required course
  • After payment is received you will be able to start any time.
    • You have one year of access to the course content.
  • You must not share your login details with anyone else.
  • It’s always good to practice as you move through the course.
    • As you learn new things we always say ‘Use it or Lose it’, so practice helps you remember the topic.

What InIT Learning is doing.

  • Your progress will be monitored.
  • You will receive an email at the end of each module and the end of the course.
  • You will be able to download a certificate at the end of the course.
  • Further courses are being developed based on exactly the same courses that are delivered to companies and the scheduled courses.

Scheduled Live Webinar Courses

There are seperate dates for the live online classes. The maximum is normally ten although will run with just one booking.

Your Responsibility

  • No Social Distancing to worry about apart from your own location.
  • Register for the course before the start (preferably one or more days before).
  • Log in to the course at least 15 minutes before the start
  • Download the course file onto your PC/Laptop
  • The ideal scenario (although not necessary) is to have an extended monitor or two devices. One to watch the lessons and the other to practice on. 
  • The Tutor screen will be shared with you through Zoom

What InIT Learning is doing

  • The tutor will give you live voice access, so if you have questions it will be just like you are there.
  • Once Zoom has started in you can download the working file from the chat window
  • The one-day courses will have a couple of comfort breaks AM and PM and a 30-minute break for lunch. 
  • The tutor will be available by phone before the start of the course to help if you need assistance setting-up.

Scheduled Courses - Milton Keynes - UK

Your Responsibility

  • All distancing rules should be followed while in Milton Keynes Business Centre.
  • Hands should be washed regularly (as per Government guidelines)
  • Hand sanitiser should be used before each use of the InIT Learning keyboard and mouse
  • The course date should be changed if there is any sign (as laid down by the Government) of COVID-19 infection or if there has been any contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • Don’t offer to handshake and maintain the correct social distance from the tutor and other delegates.
  • Distancing should be maintained at break times.

What is InIT Learning doing to help?

  • Fewer delegates per course and more dates.
    • Reducing the maximum from 6 to 4 delegates per course.
  • Providing a clear sneeze screen between the two delegates.
  • Providing a clear sneeze screen between the tutor and delegates.
  • Providing hand sanitiser to use before and after using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Providing tissues just in case they are required.
  • All equipment will be cleaned before and after each course.

In-house Courses @ Your Office

How do we maintain a social distance?

Your responsibility:

  • As a business, you will have your own social distancing in place for staff and visitors, therefore the visiting tutor will follow your own requirements.
  • You will ensure the room has sufficient space for the tutor to set up each laptop, keyboard and mouse allowing for the recommended distance set by the Government and your own policy.
  • Delegates welcome to plug their own keyboard and mouse if you or they prefer.
  • There should be sufficient space (allowing for the recommended distance set by the Government and your own policy) for the tutor to set up his training laptop at the front and plug it into a projector or monitor for your staff to watch the demonstrations.
  • Lunch and snacks should not be eaten over the laptops or keyboards.

What is InIT Learning doing to help?

  • All equipment is provided for each delegate (1 to 8 maximum)
  • The Tutor should have access to the room at least one hour prior to  the start of the course in order to set up each laptop for the delegates
  • The keyboard and mouse are cleaned before and after each course.
    • You are welcome to plug your own keyboard and mouse if you prefer.
  • The tutor will have an extra monitor at the front, to switch to and view any of the delegates laptops, thus avoiding the need to get close to a delegate if they have a question or require help (it can all be done from the front).
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