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£149.00 Offer Price £49.00 for 12 months access. Home Page for Enrolment Link

This course is ideal for both new users to Excel and long term users who have had no formal training (often self-taught) and would like to make sure they are prepared for further levels. A general understanding of the personal computer and Windows would be useful. There are lots of useful time-saving tips.

Module 1 Introduction and Welcome
Lesson 1 Welcome Message  – Preview
Lesson 2 What you need  – Preview
Lesson 3 Let’s Get Started
Module 2 Basic Navigation and Formatting
Lesson 1 Entering
Lesson 2 Navigating Data
Lesson 3 Selecting Data
Lesson 4 Shortcuts and Key tips
Lesson 5 Ctrl Shortcuts
Lesson 6 Fill Handle
Lesson 7 Resizing Columns and Rows
Lesson 8 New Rows and Columns
Lesson 9 Formatting
Lesson 10 Merge Cells
Lesson 11 Orientation
Lesson 12 Wrap Text
Lesson 13 Dates and Times
Lesson 14 Notes
Lesson 15 Move and Copy Worksheets
Lesson 16 Assignment
Module 3 Excel Formulas and Basic Maths
Lesson 1 Order of Calculations
Lesson 2 Basic Formulas
Lesson 3 Adding Ranges of Data
Lesson 4 Relative References
Lesson 5 Absolute References
Lesson 6 Assignment – Formulas-1
Lesson 7 Assignment – Formulas-2
Module 4 Basic Analysis
Lesson 1 Sort Data
Lesson 2 Filter
Lesson 3 Find
Lesson 4 Printing
Lesson 5 Show Formula
Lesson 6 Freeze Panes
Lesson 7 Aggregate Data
Lesson 8 Conditional Formatting
Lesson 9 Charts
Lesson 10 Final Assignment
Lesson 11 Completed

£154.00 Offer Price £49.00 for 12 months access. Home Page for Enrolment Link

£149.00 Offer Price £49.00 for 12 months access. Home Page for Enrolment Link

This course is designed for users who wish to increase their skills and knowledge of spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. This level will help the delegate to produce more productive spreadsheets using formulas and function techniques.

Module 1 Introduction and Welcome
Lesson 1 Introduction to the course  – Preview
Lesson 2 What you need Excel 2  – Preview
Lesson 3 Let’s Get Started Copy
Module 2 Logic Functions
Lesson 1 Logic
Lesson 2 IF Function
Lesson 3 IF Return Number
Lesson 4 If Cell References
Lesson 5 IF Cell References 2
Lesson 6 IF With Formulas
Lesson 7 IF with Formulas 2
Lesson 8 IF Assignment
Module 3 New Functions
Lesson 1 Concatenate
Lesson 2 Unique Function
Lesson 3 Sort Function
Lesson 4 Sort an Array
Lesson 5 Unique Array Columns
Module 4 Logic Aggregate Functions
Lesson 1 Aggregate Functions
Lesson 2 CountIF
Lesson 3 SumIF and AverageIF
Lesson 4 Sumifs Averageifs Countifs
Module 5 Nested IF Functions
Lesson 1 Nested IF
Lesson 2 Nested IF Assignment Exam Results
Lesson 3 Nested IF Assignment Bonus Payment
Lesson 4 Nested IF Assignment Formula
Lesson 5 AND Function
Lesson 6 OR Function
Lesson 7 Not Function
Lesson 8 Assignment – Final Logic
Module 6 Dates and Times
Lesson 1 Date and Time Entries
Lesson 2 Date Calculations
Lesson 3 Date Function and Formats
Lesson 4 Year Month Day Functions
Lesson 5 Text Function
Lesson 6 Date Difference Function
Module 7 Custom Lists and Naming
Lesson 1 Custom Lists
Lesson 2 Naming
Module 8 Lookups
Lesson 1 VLookup
Lesson 2 VLookup Assignment
Lesson 3 HLookup
Lesson 4 HLookup Approximate Match
Lesson 5 Match Function
Lesson 6 Index Function
Lesson 7 Index and Match
Module 9 Lookups – Xlookup
Lesson 1 XLookup
Lesson 2 XLookup Array
Lesson 3 XLookup Horizontal
Lesson 4 XLookup Nested
Lesson 5 XLookup Filter
Lesson 6 XLookup SUM
Lesson 7 XLookup Search
Lesson 8 XLookup Wildcard
Lesson 9 XLookup Approximate Match
Lesson 10 Well Done Excel 2 Complete

The following courses will be available soon as self-paced video courses. They are available at the moment as Live webinar courses

Excel Level 3 (available live – www.itcourseslive.com)

This course is designed for users who have a good knowledge and understanding of spreadsheets and wish to use more advanced features of the programme.

Excel Level 4 – Power Pivot (available live – www.itcourseslive.com)

This course is ideal for experienced users who are responsible for analysing data from many sources and have a good understanding of Excel functions and formulas.